I Am Pagan
Selena Fox

A Pagan priestess offers her view of what being Pagan means, and what it means to her.


We Are the Other People
Oberon (Otter) Zell

Why the Bible is the story of the people of the god Yahweh, and not of the 'other people' -- the Pagans.


Pagan Christmas
Ki Longfellow

The Pagan roots of the holiday that was later adopted by the Christian church.


There Is A Pagan In Your Classroom
Suzanne "Cecylyna" Egbert

Although addressed to teachers, this essay gives a comprehensive and very useful overview of Pagan beliefs and attitudes.


A Christian Speaks of Wicca and Witchcraft
James Clement Taylor

A Christian makes the case for respect and understanding on the part of Christians toward Witches.